architectural colors of space

The first day I arrived in London and it was raining.. but I was sitting in the bus, so everything was fine. Then.. later in the evening.. the sky was clear and I was breathing air of freedom while walking up Southwark street. I don’t know why exactly London gives me this feeling, but I think its because of the cities size..                                                     Its an endless playground to explore and discover.. theres so much to see.. you can walk and walk and never become bored.. You can look around you.. above your head.. bridges, cranes, skyscrapers, under your feet the Thames or the underground and just next to you housing complexes out of brick… and if you noticed all of your surroundings and need something more vivid to watch ..                                                                                                                                              Step into the streets and become part of the crowd…                                                             London is the perfect place to observe people.. crazy people.. weird people.. new people..Its the melting pot, the multiculturalism that makes London so rich in styles and faces..

And alltogether they animate the space of Londons great architecture….






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