from outside to inside

Freemasons Hall 19th of September 2017: I am going to invade the backstage area of Fashion Scout.

From the entrance a long corridor leads me to the belly of the building. Determined and strong my feet procceed on the biscuit- coloured tapestry letting pass by the wooden walls on my left and the big windows on my right that allow me to catch a glimpse on the white and plantful courtyard. And then the hall unifies with a cross gang pointing like an arrow to the target in front of me. I slow down. When I finally step through the open door leafs into the majestetic room I get swallowed by the warm curbed light that creates together with the busy background chatter a private living room atmosphere. I am happy. Here I am, in the backstage area! I am ready to shoot, ready to absord all the creativity that prospers on this playground. The first thing I can perceive is shoes. All around me, shoes. Then the black man with the ponytail steps towards me to hit me with his question “Where are you from ?” “I am from Germany !”  I am confused…Why does he ask me this?.. I try to read his face. What does he think ? Hmm..  “Ok, good ! You can photograph all, but please respect the models when they are naked”… Relieved, but still bemused I smile at him.  “Ok, cool.” ,I say, “Thank you !!” Then he winds again to his models and carries on with his instructions…  “I guess, thats my start signal then”. I say to myself. So I shut down my camera bag and start dancing with my analoge baby between the models and designers and performers and other photographers and stylists and vestures and shoes 🙂





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